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TOKYO ACRYL is the brand of acrylic board  uniquely created by Miyuki acryl, which is a factory that specialized in acrylic industries for many years.

Miyuki Acryl has been making acrylic materials for processing according to customer’s request.

In half a century, there are more than 6698 types.


We TOKYO ACRYL can create masterpiece by mixing color, drawing patterns, and layering colors.


Address: 5-12-24 Towa, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0003, Japan (map)

Closest Station: Kita Ayase Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)

Parking lot and bicycle parking lot available

Business days : Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Opening hours : 13:00~17:00

What is Miyuki Acryl (Miyuki Co.,Ltd.)?

Miyuki Acryl is a factory specializing in acrylic processing.

We have 8 laser processing machines and 2 CNC machines, and we are good at cutting special acrylic plates.

Since its founding in 1970, it has been processing multicolored acrylic parts for more than half a century.

The acrylic board of Tokyo Acryl

TOKYO ACRYL is handmade by craftsmen one by one.

Therefore, the appearance and color of the patterns are different one by one.

That’s our feature and we believe that is our strength.


Since TOKYO ACRYL is made by a manual casting method, the tolerance plate thickness is ± 0.5 mm.


  •  2mm=t1.6~2.5mm

  •  3mm=t2.6~3.5mm

  •  4mm=t3.6~4.5mm

  •  5mm=t4.6~5.5mm

  •  6mm=t5.6~6.5mm

  •  7mm=t6.6~7.5mm

  •  8mm=t7.6~8.5mm

  •  9mm=t8.6~9.5mm

  • 10mm=t9.6~10.5mm


 ※The thickness may not be uniform in one board.


There may be Keloids, scratches, pinholes(air bubbles), and warpage.

Tokyoacryl_3030_cofee bean1.jpg
Individual differences

TOKYO ACRYL is sold by cutting a large plate (900mm*600mm).

The pattern differs depending on the cutting position.


 Treat as the same part number

Especially, the pattern of the one made from waste liquid differs depending on the cutting position.

Marbles and tortoiseshells are hand-painted, so even with the same part number, the appearance of the pattern, the density of the patten, and the shade of color might change each time it is made.


Especially when you make small parts, the color and pattern look different depending on the place where you cut it.

So it is not suitable for the purpose of making a large number of homogeneous products.

About Acrylic Photos

As mentioned above, acrylic sheets vary individually, so you may not receive an acrylic with the exact same pattern as the picture.


The appearance of the actual product may differ from the photo depending on the environment of your monitor or device.

The color may change depending on the production lot.

We do not accept returns or refunds for reasons such as color, shape, or other product appearance being different from the image.

Acrylic board with cloth and Japanese paper

Depending on the board, there are products where the cloth gets closer to the top or bottom.


Problem may occur depending on the processing method.

Materials mixed with pearl components may turn black due to laser reflection during laser cutter machining.

How to store acrylic boards

Aboid direct sunlight and store in a well-ventilateed and flat place.


Can acrylic boards with cloth be cut by a laser engraving machine?

Is possible. When we make acrylic boards, the cloth is enclosed with the acrylic liquid instead of sandwiching.  So they are integrated.

Is it possible to order an original acrylic board?

We cannot accept bespoke orders.

Is it possible to purchase acrylics that are posted on Instagram?

We are sorry, but we cannot accept this request.
You can purchase acrylic sheets from our online store (domestic only).

Does the online store offer international shipping?

No, it is not supported. If you would like to ship an item from our online store to an overseas location, please contact us via the contact page.We will respond by email.

Currently, there are some countries that cannot be mailed from Japan to overseas by EMS. Please click here to check.

I want to buy (or I want you to produce)  the same acrylic boards that you are selling online as many as I can, but can I make such order?

Since it is difficult to reproduce the colors and patterns, all the boards we sell are in stock.

Currently many companies do not have existing manufactures of raw materials and coloring agents, so it is not possible to make additional orders for the same products.

Can I order a different size acrylic board for sale?

We do not offer a cut service.

Also, since all the boards we sell are in stock, we cannot offer larger sizes with the same pattern.

Can you make products by processing the boards sold at the online store?

Yes, we can manufacture from 300 pieces depending on the design.

Please contact us from the “Inquiries” at the factory.

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